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I'm Aurimas Ališauskas.

Web developer

About me.

All my life, as I remember, I was curious about how things work. How bike was made, how car engine is working, how computer programs manage to each other. I guess engineering is in my blood. On my free time I love to ride a motorcycle, do some photography, write my own travel blog “Alication.com“. I love to spend time with my family and friends, visit places I have never been before. I’m collecting money, old Nokia’s and HardRock Cafe t-shirts. Before I started programming, I worked as a car engineer, managed repair shop, couple years took care of more than 100+ company’s cars, trucks, buses and so on.. Now my daily work is all about creating and managing websites. Starting from zero to give the best for the client at the end. Every day I learn something new and this is awesome. I like to write clean, clear and useful code. I’m always trying to do my  job 100%. I’m not satisfied until my work is perfect.



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